Make sure you’re looking great with a mirror custom made and installed by MC Glass & Glazing right here in Adelaide.

The right mirror can make all the difference in your bedroom or bathroom. A well-designed and placed mirror makes any room seem larger and lighter – while showing you at your best too.

M.C Glass &Glazing can measure, custom design and install a mirror anywhere you want, at home or in any commercial setting.

Edge Treatments for Adelaide Mirrors

For bathrooms, ensuites, gyms, change rooms or anywhere you want a wall mirror installed, we offer 6mm glass with your choice of edge. Our most popular edge treatments are normal square with a flat edge polish or a classic bevel at any angle of your choice from 12mm to 45mm.

4mm mirror glass is the perfect lightweight option. Perfect for hanging on the backs of cupboard doors, wardrobe doors or even bedroom doors; these mirrors can even be mounted with tape of glue for a totally clean, simple appearance.

Safety Glass

Especially if you have active kids at home, you don’t want a stray thrown object or slammed door breaking your mirrors leading to sharp glass shards everywhere.

For your peace of mind and safety at home, all our 4mm mirrors are made with vinyl-backed safety glass. Safety glass is designed to prevent your mirrors from shattering if anything breaks them – which means no danger of anyone cutting themselves on broken glass.

Plus, our mirrors comply with Australian Standards 1288.

Mirror Installation Adelaide

What next?

Looking for a new mirror here in Adelaide? Trust the experts at M.C Glass & Glazing with a custom mirror made from the best quality mirror glass that not only looks great but makes you look your best too.

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